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Midtown The Villages
A Tale of City Squares: The Private and Public Worlds of Gramercy Park & Union Square – In Person Tour

A walk through one of the most dynamic and diverse areas in Manhattan, the bustling Union Square and the serene neighboring Gramercy Park!

Annual Easter Sunday Jewish Lower East Side Tour

A tour of the Jewish Lower East Side on Easter Sunday

Annual Passover Jewish East Side Tour

A special Big Onion tradition!

Annual Post-Thanksgiving Multi-Ethnic Eating Tour

A celebration in the multi-ethnic Lower East Side...with food!

The Villages
Art, Sex and Rock & Roll: New York on the Cultural Edge – In Person Tour

Explore how New York City has shaped the American Cultural Landscape.

Brooklyn Downtown
Brooklyn Bridge and Heights – In Person Tour

A walking tour across the Brooklyn Bridge and into the city's first landmark district.

Brooklyn Downtown Virtual
Brooklyn Bridge Virtual Adventure

A virtual exploration of New York City's greatest landmark!

Brooklyn Heights History – In Person Tour

America's first suburb and New York's first landmark district all in one!

Brooklyn Virtual
Brooklyn Heights Virtual Adventure

New York City's first landmark district!

Central Park – In Person Tour

A walking tour of Manhattan's 843 acre "backyard!"

Midtown The Villages
Chelsea & The High Line – In Person Tour

Explore the history & architecture of Chelsea with a walk along the High Line.

Midtown Virtual
Chelsea & The High Line Virtual Adventure

Amazing history and architecture with a virtual visit to the High Line.

The Villages
Christmas Stroll in Greenwich Village

A Christmas tour combining the history of Christmas in New York and the legendary Greenwich Village.

DUMBO and Vinegar Hill – In Person Tour

A walking tour of the dynamic DUMBO & Vinegar Hill neighborhoods of Brooklyn.

The Villages
East Village – In Person Tour

A walk exploring the world of hippies, hipsters & immigrants.

Father’s Day Original Multi-Ethnic Eating Tour

A Big Onion tradition! What better way to celebrate Dad - history and food?

Financial District – In Person Tour

Come explore the history behind Wall Street.

Fort Greene History – In Person Tour

One of Brooklyn's most ethnically diverse neighborhoods surround a park designed by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux.

Gangs of New York Walking Tour – The “Official” Tour – In Person Walk

This history of the legendary Five Points. A guided walking tour created in partnership with the film "Gangs of New York".

The Villages
Greenwich Village – In Person Tour

Stroll through one of New York’s most picturesque and historic neighborhoods.

The Villages Virtual
Greenwich Village Virtual Adventure

Explore the most visited and least understood neighborhood in Manhattan!

Historic Harlem – In Person Tour

Emphasizing the Harlem Renaissance, this guided walking tour looks at the history, architecture & people of this remarkable neighborhood.

Uptown Virtual
Historic Harlem Virtual Adventure

Emphasizing the Harlem Renaissance, explore the history, architecture & people of this remarkable neighborhood.

Hudson Valley
Historic Hudson – In Person Tour

Explore a historic Hudson River Valley town

Hudson Valley Virtual
Historic Hudson Virtual Adventure

150 miles north of Manhattan we explore one of the most historic cities in America!

Downtown Virtual
Historic Lower Manhattan Virtual Adventure

Exploring the evolution from Colonial City to contemporary Wall Street.

Immigrant New York – In Person Tour

Walk the streets of Chinatown, Little Italy & the former Five Points.

Downtown Virtual
Immigrant New York Virtual Adventure

Explores the different immigrant and ethnic populations of the Lower East Side from 1800 through today.

Jewish Lower East Side – In Person Tour

Stroll through historic and religious sites, politics and people of what was once the largest Jewish community in the world.

Downtown Virtual
Jewish Lower East Side Virtual Adventure

A virtual "tour" of the historic Jewish Lower East Side

Downtown The Villages
Labor History Tour: We Built New York – In Person Tour

Join us as we talk about the workers and labor movement that built New York.

Lower East Side: The “Creative Destruction” of an Ethnic Neighborhood – In Person Tour

Explore a century of ethnic and architectural change on the Lower East Side.

Lower Manhattan: Forging the Historic Metropolis – in person tour

Walk in the footsteps of George Washington, Alexander Hamilton & others on this broad-reaching tour of today's Financial District.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day in Historic Harlem

A walking tour of Historic Harlem to celebrate the many African Americans who have fought for equal rights.

Mothers Day Multi-Ethnic Eating Tour

A special Mother's Day walk exploring the history and foods of the multi-ethnic Lower East Side.

Original Multi-Ethnic Eating Tour – In Person Tour

This tour combines the history of the diverse Lower East Side with food sampling from local shops & markets!

Prospect Park – In Person Tour

A tour of Brooklyn's emerald jewel and possibly Olmsted & Vaux's greatest achievement.

Reclaiming Times Square: From the Deuce to Disney – In Person Tour

Explore the shiny and grimy history of Times Square

Revolutionary New York: Hamilton, Washington & War – In Person Tour

Join us as we explore the role New York City played in the American Revolution and founding of America

The Villages Virtual
Social Justice & The Villages Virtual Adventure

Explore the history of LGBTQ rights, women’s rights, slavery, and Free Blacks

The Villages
SoHo: Neighborhood of Industry, Art, and Culture – In Person Tour

Trace the historic & artistic evolution of the area “South of Houston”.

South Street Seaport: Navigating the Port that Made New York – In Person Tour

Between the Brooklyn Bridge & Financial District lies one of New York's oldest and most interesting neighborhoods!

The Villages
STEAM in the Village: Artistry, Invention, and Exploration

Artistry, Invention, and Exploration

Talks and Tales -New York History Talks

Friday 6/18 - The Black Experience in NYC, 1625-1860

TriBeCa: The History of Manhattan’s Western Frontier – In Person Tour

Walk "The Triangle Below Canal" as we explore the history and architecture of one of Manhattan's oldest neighborhoods.

Uptown Virtual
Upper East Side Virtual Adventure

The history behind the architectual gems of The Upper 400.

Upper East Side: A Clash of Titans – In Person Tour

A walking tour exploring the splendor and history of the East 60s & 70s.

Winter Solstice Central Park Tour

A special Central Park tour on the almost shortest day of the year.

The Villages
“Satan’s Seat”: New York During Prohibition – In Person Tour

A walking tour focused on the history of Prohibition in the Central & West Villages.

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